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Version: 41

Released: April 7, 2019 @ Chennai, India || CHANGELOG

Minimum OS version: Windows XP, Mac OS X 10.6.8 / Snow Leopard, Ubuntu 16.x

Type: Evaluation


  1. You cannot save recordings,
  2. You cannot use plugins on the curve editors,
  3. You cannot do microtonal range modulation,
  4. You cannot create drone pendulums,
  5. You can only create a 2x2 drone mesh,
  6. You can have only 1 ball in the Mondrian instrument and
  7. You can have only 1 binaural drone pair in the Binaural Drones instrument

Yet there is a lot of to play with it! Check it out.

The Licensed Version of DIN Is Noise does not have these limits.

Download for Windows:

Download for Mac OS X: DIN-Is-Noise-41-evaluation.dmg

Download for Ubuntu: DIN-Is-Noise-41-Evaluation.tar.gz

DIN Is Noise is Free Software on GNU+Linux, FreeBSD and NetBSD

To help me continue releasing DIN Is Noise as Free Sofware, please fund my work.

Package for FreeBSD (ports):

Package for NetBSD (pkgsrc):

Build DIN Is Noise from source code on GNU+Linux:

Download the complete source code from Internet Archive: din-41.tar.gz

Extract the contents and read the README file to learn how to build and run DIN Is Noise.

DIN Is Noise is Copyright (c) 2006-2019 Jagannathan Sampath.
DIN Is Noise for GNU+Linux, FreeBSD and NetBSD is Free Software.
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